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elmar geschichte

My name is Elmar Zöschg and I am the owner of the company Wimex.

It has not been an easy task to lead the company to where it is today.
 Therefore, I am quite proud of myself and my team: together we have built a solid, dynamic and successful company.

I was born in 1973 and I grew up on a farm in Girlan (South Tyrol – Italy). As a young boy I started to work as a mechanic; at the age of 18 I joined the military and at the same time I decided to move out of home and to rent an apartment.

At this point I was standing on my own feet and therefore I needed a part-time job to be able to face all the expenses. Thanks to my sergeant, I met the manager of the company AMC. He offered me the opportunity to work as an agent of high quality and famous pots and cooking systems.

I accepted the offer and after a short time, I started making product presentations at the customer’s homes. I enjoyed working as a representative; I was feeling very comfortable in that role. This job was also a big challenge for me, because my salary depended on sales target.

After the military service I went back to my main job as a mechanic, but after a short time my boss advised me to look for a new job due to the lack of work.
 In 1993 I started working full-time at AMC. This experience gave me the opportunity to develop myself personally as well as to open myself in dealing with people and finally to give this ability on to other people.
 In 1998, after the death of the managing director, the company management has deeply been changed and after a series of events, I decided to leave the company.

I began a new adventure together with a partner, founding the company Interactive Systems specialized in alarm systems. However, this experience lasted only a little more than a year.

At this point it was definitively time to have my own company - without any partner or compromise. I decided to create an individual enterprise specialized in direct sales. Since I originally did not know what I wanted to sell, I was looking for a neutral name without a specific meaning: WIMEX. A good friend of mine and now a long-time colleague helped me in this, and I am still very grateful to her.
 The choice of the products to be sold fell on cookware and vacuum systems, since I had already gained experience in this sector.

My very first office was my home, 38 square meters large. Some time later I was able to relocate the headquarters of the company into a "real" office in Bolzano. I started this new project alone. 18 years long I have dedicated myself to the direct sales and the product presentation at parties. At the same time I applied myself to the product development for retailers and export.

The work load grew so rapidly that I soon needed support in the appointment scheduling. Since the parties usually take place in the evening, I was looking for new products to optimize the working day. The choice fell on cleansers, which easily combine with the cooking systems and which can be sold on the phone.
 Finally, I added to my product range also South Tyrolean specialties like bread, “speck” (bacon), cheese, etc.

Today Wimex is divided into three separate departments:

1. Cooking ware, vacuum systems and cleaning and household products for the direct sale;

2. Cleaning and household products for retailers;

3. South Tyrolean culinary specialties for retailers.

Over the years Wimex has been growing considerably. Today the company has 40 employees, many of which are now long-standing employees who have strongly contributed to the success of the company.
 A peculiarity sets us apart from other companies: our recruitment system. We are looking for new employees actively by calling people directly home and invite them for an interview. The training and development of the employees is done in-house.

Wimex bids on the development, the production and distribution of innovative and high quality products as well as on a detailed advice and information about the function of its products for resellers and end users.

 Today I focus myself mainly on the product development, the production sites and on the call center.

And it is far from over ....

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