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Mondraghi®, an accessory that is both stylish and very useful: Identity cards, credit cards and banknotes in a single, small item.

Mondraghi® is a modern mini wallet, card case, credit card and bank note holder with an innovative overall concept. It can hold up to 9 cards, which can be inserted easily and intuitively and are also safely in place: thanks to the special shape of the robust frame made of anodised aircraft aluminium, the cards are secured against slipping out at any time. The anti-slip system guarantees a perfect hold: with a recognisable ” click “, the cardcase collects the cards and fixes them securely in place. Made out of a single solid block of aluminium, the frame is available in two different finishes, depending on the model.

In addition, Mondraghi® has a special technological feature: an integrated antenna chip protects the cards within a radius of 2.5 cm at an angle of 360°, without affecting the space or visibility of the cards, as it happens with normal RFID blocking cards.

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Lightweight as well as being robust. Beautiful and elegant at the same time, thanks to the fine Italian leather covers. The leathers of the various Mondraghi® models are refined with finishing techniques that highlight their natural beauty and superior quality: vegetable-tanned full-grain leather, coated and pigmented cowhide with a “diagonal scratch pattern”, textured with carbon fibre look or finished with some decorative engraving work.

Mondraghi® is also the only mini wallet on the market that is entirely made in Italy: The leather covers and the light metal case are made and finished by Italian master handcraftsmen, and the entire assembling and finishing phase is done in Italy. This guarantees a quality that can only be achieved by the long Italian tradition in this sector. For this reason, Mondraghi® is the Original and stands proud for its Italian origin.

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